Ggul Ggeok

‘Refreshment’, ‘Crispness’

“Ggul Ggeok” is a craft lager that embodies The many charms of beer, with the advantages Of being approachable and easy to drink. We have made efforts to gently highlight.

The personality of hops, creating a beer that Comfortably reaches out to consumers. Our aim was to showcase the unique appeal of Craft beer, distinguishing it from mainstream options.

We hope “ Ggul Ggeok “ will break down the barriers Between those who already love craft beer and those who are about to experience it for the first time, making it a delight for everyone to enjoy.

“Ggul Ggeok” is a Korean onomatopoeia that means the sound of swallowing, capturing the essence of enjoying a refreshing drink.


‘Citrus’, ‘Floral’, ‘Fragrance’

“Smimm” is a craft ale that skillfully utilizes rye and caramel malts to craft a malt character foundation, complemented by subtle yeast esters. Atop this base, it features a dominant hop character with citrusy notes of lemon and grapefruit, along with floral aromas. The experience starts with sweet nuances in the aroma, leading to a refreshing finish reminiscent of mint and herbs. This beer is characterized by its journey from sweet aromatic beginnings to a crisp and invigorating end.

“Smimm”, derived from the Korean word meaning ‘to seep in,’ was created with the hope that our beer will permeate the mainstream market, embodying our desire to become an integral part of the beer landscape.

Calm Calm

‘Chocolate’, ‘Coffee’, ‘Berry’

“Calm Calm” captures the essential flavors of a porter, including coffee and chocolate, enriched by the complex tastes from seven different malts. To highlight the delicate characteristics found in a low-alcohol dark ale, we’ve also incorporated Golding hops and British yeast to introduce herbal, earthy, and berry-like nuances. Adhering to historical tradition, we allow the beer to mature until its flavors have fully stabilized before release, ensuring that each sip offers a refined experience of depth and subtlety.

“Calm Calm” holds the meaning of ‘dark’ or ‘dim’ in Korean. This dark ale is crafted with the intention to be savored calmly and fully, embodying our hope for a complete and serene enjoyment.