The Journey of Ggeek

“The Journey of Ggeek” goes beyond just the process of making beer, encapsulating a story of deep love for beer and dedication to craft, through which it achieves sustainable growth and fosters close relationships with the community.

ggeek beer company

Ggeek Beer Company is an unmatched brewery in Korea, started by five brewers and one researcher in a small pub in Euljiro, unlike any other beer company. They began the business simply because they loved beer. Six young individuals started with deep contemplation and passion for beer, and it did not take long for them to decide to make the beer they wanted.

Initially, they brewed in a gypsy brewing style, roaming from one brewery to another to produce their beer. From their first product, they approached consumers with beers that had not been tried in Korea before, confirming their potential.

Starting with the Euljiro pub, they are now rapidly growing within Korea’s craft beer industry. They remain passionate and curious about beer. Although not always perfect, they hope you enjoy this journey with them.

Establishment of the Brewery and Product Expansion

After going through gypsy brewing, we established our brewery in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, in 2020. Our beers are available nationwide, featuring well-crafted year-round products, seasonal offerings, and the monthly Ggeek Beer, which introduces new flavors to consumers every month.

Connection with Culture and Community

Ggeek Beer Company connects people through beer, contributing to the spread of beer culture through various community events and collaborations.