Fall in Autumn

Fall in Autumn


Scotish Wee Heavy

Maple Cyrup

ABV : 8.2%

Type : Keg, Bottle(330ml)

'Fall in Autumn' is a Scottish style high-water beer called We Heavy Beer. We heavy is characterized by the emphasis on malt flavor and warmness due to its high intensity. It can be said that it is the representative of beer with characters such as caramel and Toffee. We added a lot of autumnal vibes by blending syrup per maple. It's autumn, which is a little cold in the morning and evening to say that it's cool. The autumn leaves fell without even realizing that they were getting watery and became autumn leaves. Rather, I don't know if it's a frequency suitable for this weather. I don't have the same chubbyness as Zhuge Liang, but somehow I feel like I got it right. It looks a little strange, but fall is still autumn. I hope you enjoy the chilly days as if you're going to leave soon! Cheer up, brewers! Cheer up, Super Power! Powe-wer!